My journey to Australia began as a leap of faith as I was believing God for a scholarship for my studies. As though part of a divine set up, the results of the scholarship were delayed until March and I needed to be in Australia by February. I made the move to Australia before finding out I didn’t get the scholarship. Following this, I started on a journey of trying to find a job to support myself financially. Initially, I figured with a nursing qualification, it would be a fairly easy transition.

As my savings depleted, with no job prospects, I began to question if I made the right move. I had believed for a miraculous breakthrough as a reward of my obedience to step out of my comfort zone. However, it seemed my plans and expectations were not happening. There were many times I felt uncertain of where my next rent or tuition would come from. In these moments I would ask myself ‘why I choose to make life harder for myself’ and ‘if this would all just be a waste’. I kept feeling the pull of going back home which felt logical for finances, career and frankly, a lot easier.

But there was deep knowing on the inside of me that I was where God wanted me. I began to see my situation was providing the very conditions for God to refine me. Layer by layer, I was stripped of the things I had falsely tied to my identity: being financially independent, my reputation, career and giftings. God began to speak into the places of my ‘weakness’ that I had been hiding. He brought me to a place of greater dependency and closeness in a measure I had never experienced. Throughout the season, He spoke to me through John 14:27, “foundations, not the structures, the internal not the external”.

While I was focused on being established externally, He took me on the journey of establishing wealth in my soul. In a place where it felt I had nothing, I found the gift of Him and the revelation of who I am in Him. God has also been faithful with the daily miracles of meeting me at the point of every need and recently provided me with a job! Things haven’t happened the way I planned; however, I believe He knows exactly what I need to bring a transformation and propel me into His purpose for my life.

Master of Public Health