I grew up in a Christian family and joined Sunday school ever since I was young. However, when I graduated from primary school and was about to move to a junior life group, I quit church as I was super introverted and would feel stressed when surrounded by a big group of people. Since then, I did not have any Christian community and always came up with excuses to skip church.

This unhealthy Christian life started changing when I came to Brisbane to study and started to join Campus Christian Movement’s (CCM) life group and the Hope Church community. I was initially approached by someone from CCM during orientation, but I was not interested to join a life group. In spite of that, I found myself eventually being led to the CCM booth during that orientation event while looking for the QUT bookshop. I knew that God was definitely reaching out to me and that it was time for me to look back to God and not run away from Him anymore. I came to realize how important it was to receive spiritual covering, love and encouragement from my leaders, mentors and friends. God used my life group and church community to rebuild and transform me. And after past seasons of being a receiver, I started to learn how to give instead of just receiving.

Upon rooting myself in a Christ-centred community, I started to learn how to serve and give by being part of a ministry and going for campus outreach. I used to feel reluctant to participate in outreach events because I always felt that speaking and reaching out to strangers was something difficult for me due to my poor English speaking ability and subsequent fear in sharing the gospel to others. I clearly remember how God challenged me with the question: “What if I am the only one out of my friends and family who can enter heaven?” I became so emotional by realising how selfish I was, not acknowledging that everyone should have an opportunity to know about Jesus and receive from Him. Since then, outreach on campus became something meaningful to me, rather than a burden. I started to join campus outreach not with hesitation, but with joy. I asked God to guide me and use me to be His salt and light. While I am definitely still an introvert and approaching strangers still appears to be a challenge to me, this natural personality and struggles no longer hinder me. Having faith that through Him everything is possible, I will keep on seeking God’s help and have faith in His supernatural power.

Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”.

Sabrina Ng
Bachelor of Creative Industries