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CCM Brisbane was established in 1994 in the University of Queensland and then Queensland University of Technology University, and is now one of the most active Christian groups in the following universities; University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. We are a Christian club that willingly opens our doors to students and members of the community from all walks of life with one sole objective; to bring students to Christ and bring Christians together in a community of fellowship, service and love.

CCM Brisbane is affiliated with Hope church Brisbane as one of its mediums for connecting to the community, and as such we share the same mission, vision, core values and statement of Faith.




Campus Christian Movement (CCM) was first initiated as an idea which was then nursed for four years, but finally employed in 1995 by its first national president, Dr Wilson Lim in Monash University, thus CCM was birthed. Starting with several chapters in various universities such as: Swinburne University of Technology. The Australian National University, Monash University and more.

In 1998 Ps. Victor Soo became the next national president, taking over from his predecessor but still pushing the same objectives and goals for CCM. Under his leadership, CCM has grown tremendously throughout Australia such that, by the year 2000, CCM campus chapters had spread across like wild fire, reaching most Australian states with over 500 members in Brisbane alone.

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