Despite growing up in a Christian household, I was always surrounded by my non-Christian peers. My moral standards and beliefs were greatly shaped by theirs, which I later found to be vastly different from what they should be according to the Bible. I would never call my past relationship with God a close one, and it did not appear to be a problem for me.

Going to university was a life-changing phase in my life where I started being surrounded by people of different backgrounds and values. The change in the environment also got me into re-evaluating my old way of living and my past spiritual life. I started attending church regularly but not because my parents told me to like when I was young. Instead, it was a decision that was made at my own discretion.

Last November, I decided to get water-baptized. To me, water baptism had always been no more than a ritual that new Christians participate in. But after having personally experienced it, my view changed and I now see it as an essential step towards having strengthened faith.

I see the process of growing in the spiritual life as a life-long process that takes genuine faith and action. After getting water-baptized, the public declaration of my decision and the congratulations I received from my Christian cohorts appeared most noticeably to me. What I did not notice, however, was my future journey with God that was far greater and more important. But which also requires my own dedication and commitment.

I have learnt that a small dedication of personal time is crucial and directly reflects our willingness to experience spiritual growth. Regular Bible devotional and study have since then become a part of my daily life despite the majority of a day occupied by studies and other miscellaneous activities. Yet, I often still struggle to maintain consistency being distracted in this busy world. I then realized that faith is needed to help myself focus on my actions – and therefore, how both are interrelated.

I am beyond happy that I have taken this step and am so excited to see what He will do in us, especially for those who are yet to become believers. I hope to show to more people His goodness and therefore bring them onto their own amazing journeys with God the way I was brought onto mine.

Serena Chan
Bachelor of Laws