Before 2020, most of my understandings about Christianity came from an aboriginal tribe while I was a volunteer in a university club in Taiwan. It was my first and short meeting with God, but without a deep connection. However, I never thought God has planted a seed in me at that time.

After deciding to study abroad in Australia, I was a little worried and perplexed to face the difficulty of adjusting to a new environment without any familiar friends and parents. Fortunately, in this unique time, I was invited to church. “Awakening: It is your time” was my first sermon at church. Through God’s mercy, the sermon revealed to me the truth of my situation and how much I needed God. It also awakened my determination to build a relationship with God. So that I can adjust and align my life and heart to God. I was extremely touched and inspired by the sharing because He gave me the confidence and the faith to believe in Him. It was also on that faithful day, 23rd February, that I decided to receive Jesus Christ as my Lord in my life. Although I have just started my journey with God, I have become more positive towards uncertainties in the future because I know He is always there.

Now, I keep following and longing to know more of Him, our God through church service and Bible reading. I appreciate that God does not leave me alone on this pathway by placing me in a warm and loving group, UQ8. I trust our common faith in God is so powerful that we will go through this tough virus period smoothly! Also, I am grateful for God’s love that is always with His people even when unknown challenges come. I am looking forward to this new journey with God!

Si Ling, Yang (Carol)
Master of Biotechnology