I have prayed for my family salvation since I have experienced God. I have met God in my ups and downs, and He has always been faithful and loving to me. I want my family to find God and experience his salvation. I knew my brother was suffering from depression about four years ago, and since then I have put his name in life box and have committed to pray, fast and reach out to him.

I believe God planned for my brother to study a foundation course in 2016 in Brisbane. While staying in here, he regularly attended Church and life group. He experienced peace and even stopped his medication for depression. I still remembered how I would pray during altar call for him to respond to God every Sunday and during conferences. I was disappointed that he did not open his heart to God even he has experienced His help. Yet, God’s love is so relentless and faithful in pursuing his heart.

He soon moved to Tasmania for an internship on a ship for 18 months. The feeling of isolation and loneliness took its toll on his depression. I was heart-broken every time in our phone calls when he talked about his panic attacks. I would offer prayer, and we would cry together over the phone.

In church conference in November this year, a speaker asked who is that one person that God has entrusted to us. I was reminded that I am the only Christian who is close to my brother and might be the only person who would pray for him. It led me to decide to persist in intercession and sharing the gospel to him. One late November, we had our usual phone call. He told me he felt hopeless and lonely in tears. I listened and shared that I might not fully understand how he felt, but God does, God cares, and God would help but only if he allows God to. My brother was sobbing at the other end of the line while I explained since he has tried everything and nothing work, why not give God a chance. Then he said yes. I repeated the question because I thought he misunderstood it, and he said yes again. “Do you understand what it means?” I asked again. He confirmed, “Jesus is my Lord”.

God has never stopped pursuing my brother’s heart. He hates seeing my brother in the jail of depression and lies, and He loves him more than I can ever do. His grace and mercy so humbled me in my brother’s salvation.

Psalms 8:4, “What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”

Esther Dai
Master of Teaching